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Generosa Event

Tale of a pizza that wasn’t just Delicious!

Once upon a time, there were restaurateurs working together under the same banner and full of good intentions, charitable organizations with big needs and big expenses, a fresh idea, a joining of forces, and the beginning of a long and wonderful story.

The Generosa has been on the menu of La Piazzetta restaurants throughout Quebec since early 1998, although it has been around since 1995. In those days long ago, $1 per pizza sold went to Moisson Québec. Today, this dollar goes into a special fund that the La Piazzetta Franchise Company makes available to organizations that work with disadvantaged people. On Generosa Day, $10 for each Generosa pizza sold goes directly to one of these organizations, depending on the event location.

Disponible seulement à la piazzetta :

Disponible seulement à la piazzetta :