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The first Piazzetta restaurant opened is doors in May 1989 at 707, Saint-Jean street in Quebec City, and is still going strong today. Its founders, true artists and visionaries, based their original business on a unique concept-thin-crust square pizza, one brand of beer, red wine served the italian way in a goblet rather than a glass, and one choice of dessert.

This basic menu was offered in a setting that was just as simple. It was this combination that lent the charm to the restaurant that came to be named Piazzetta (or “small square” in italian). The people of Quebec City quickly took to the new concept.

The little italian-style soon became a very popular place to eat. In fact, the simple, straight forward formula was so successful that the fournders decided to open another Piazzetta restaurant on Cartier street, also in Quebec City. This second restaurant, like the first, was a bigger hit than its founders could ever have imagined. Its came to be THE meeting place for people from the world of arts, politics, media, business, and other walks of life.

In 1991, the third Piazzetta restaurant opened across the river in Lévis. Its opening was on opportunity to enhance the original formula. Soup was added to the menu and a central kitchen was set up. This decision was made primarily to ensure uniform quality in all three restaurants.

The success ot the thin-crust pizza attracted the interest of a number of investor groups, resulting in the opening of the first franchise in Sainte-Foy, Quebec and a second shortly afterwards on Saint-Denis street in Montreal.

Today, the Piazzetta network encompasses over 600 employees in 20 enterprises. Many of our employees have been with us since 1989.

Our Objective

We want to become number 1 in the category of high-end gourmet pizza.

Our Purpose

We want to make our customers live the most complete sensorial experience possible. We will offer to our customers differentiated and complementary products and services with the greatest value, the ultimate goal being gaining their respect and loyalty. In order to achieve this, we will do all that is possible by offering them food and drinks that are mouth-watering and original. For this purpose, we commit ourselves to constantly innovating. We will work to make our personnel happy and qualified, hence contributing to the happiness of our customers.

Our Leitmotiv

Innovating. Constantly.

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Disponible seulement à la piazzetta :